Barry Bagels FundDozen™

Barry Bagels FundDozen™ is designed to assist community groups in raising money. By selling coupons redeemable for a Barry Bagels Fund Dozen™ (14 bagels), you can generate profits to meet your many organizational needs.

Program Logistics

You will receive order forms to distribute to the fundraising participants who will sell FundDozen™ coupons.

Customers buy as many coupons as they wish and redeem each one for a FundDozen™ (14 bagels). The coupons cost your organization only $7.00 each.

Each coupon will also have an extra coupon for 30 cents off any size container of cream cheese.



Easy to Sell
There's no complicated price structure or order forms
Everybody loves Barry Bagels
Healty and Nutritious
Bagels are low in fat and have no cholesterol
Your organization makes money on each sale without any financial investment
Here's How:
  1. Call Les at (419) 885-1000 ext. 210 to get your Barry Bagels FundDozen™ sales kit
  2. Leave the following information:
    • Your Name
    • Your Organization
    • Telephone Number
    • Mailing Address
    • Email Address
    • Approximate number of people who will be selling coupons
  3. The sales kit will be sent to you promptly.
  4. When you fundraising event is completed, call (419) 885-1000 ext. 210 to arrange to receive your coupons.
  5. Distribute the coupons to your sellers.
  6. Sellers deliver the coupons to their customers.
  7. Encourage your sellers to deliver their coupons promptly
Order your sales kit today! (419) 885-1000 ext. 210
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